Digibyte ($DGB) is a decentralised blockchain solution created by Jared Tate for safely transacting objects of value like currency, information, property or other digital data.

Digibytes are digital assets that are impossible to counterfeit, hack or destroy which are sent across the Digibyte blockchain. This blockchain is an immutable public ledger of all transactions made stored on thousands of computers all over the world making it a totally decentralised network.



COMPANY : The DigiByte Foundation

FOUNDER :  Jared Tate

COUNTRY : Santa Monica, California, United States

PLATFORM : Digibyte


PURPOSE : Digital asset network

POINT OF DIFFERENCE : Decentralised,  5 algorithm mining

MAJOR PARTNERS/INVESTORS : None officially released






What are the advantages of Digibyte?


Digibyte is working towards a decentralised ecosystem of peer to peer (P2P) transactions and value transfer with no centralisation or middlemen. The Digibyte blockchain takes a matter of seconds to send to receive with ultra-fast confirmation times. Digibyte also prides itself on security, storing and securing your data in a way not before possible, at a fraction of a price, with no hidden fees. Let’s take a quick look at some notable features of Digibyte;


Security – UTXO based, Multi-Algorithm blockchain

Speed – 15sec block times, first major altcoin to successfully activate Segwit in April 2017

Market Leading Thinking – AI/Blockchain, IoT devices and more


How does Digibyte work?


The Digibyte blockchain is made up of 3 layers;

  1. Applications Layer
  2. Digital Asset/Public Ledger Layer
  3. Core communications Protocol/Global Network Layer


Applications Layer


This is the top layer which users will interact with.

  • dAPPS – Decentralised apps
  • Digi-Apps Centralised Apps
  • Smart contracts Secure transactions


Digtal Asset/Public Ledger Layer


This is the middle layer which is where the main security protocols reside;

  • Digibytes – A secure representation of larger data or a unit of value used to protect the assets.
  • Public Ledger – An immutable ledger in which all transactions are recorded.
  • Mining – Used to create new Digibytes and secure the network


Core communications Protocol/Global Network Layer


This is the bottom layer which contains the operating procedures and Communication agents.

  • Core Communications Protocol – Local Digibyte network communication
  • Global Network – International communication
  • Decentralised Nodes – Any smart phone, computer or server that is connected to the network becomes a node




$DGB coins are created through the mining process. Currently it’s possible with GPU or even CPU setups. IF you want to mine DGB we recommend downloading wallet setup guides and following the instructions of the Official Digibyte Website.

  • The first Digibyte was mined on the 11th of January 2014.
  • At the time of writing – 1st of september 2018, there are almost 7.5 million in circulation.


Fork History


  • 4x Hardforks: DigiShield, MultiAlgo, MultiShield, DigiSpeed
  • 3x Softforks: SegWit, CSV, NVersionBips


The Digibyte Digital Asset


Each Digibyte created is a “digital byte” of usable, adaptive, secure and transferable data. This means it can be used to safely and instantly transfer an ever-increasing range of sensitive digital assets/services including but not limited to;

  • Payments
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Personal Data
  • Video/Photo files
  • IoT data



How is Digibyte secure?


As well as bring decentralised, Digibyte makes use of 5 different mining algorithms; Sha256, Scrypt, Groestl, Skein & Qubit instead of just one to protect the network from mining control manipulation. They also created DigiShield & MultiShield “the most advanced difficulty stability of any blockchain in the world today.” – Digibyte Whitepaper.




Digibytes are created through multiple-algorithims via CPU or GPU mining. A maximum of 21 billion tokens will be created estimated to occur at around 2035


Block Reduction


Digibyte have a block reduction rate of 1% Monthly and a Max Total Supply of 21 Billion DigiBytes which they estimate to be around 2035.


Rich Lists


There is a reasonably high percentage of tokens held by the top 10 but it does filter down and through the top 100 and 1000. Still, these numbers are quite high but as the project gains popularity no doubt we will see a further distribution down the chain of wallet holders.





Digibyte is not showing a lot of transparency when it comes to the team as the only officially listed member on the official website is Founder/creator Jared Tate. There are a few other members that claim to work for Digibyte but they are not confirmed aside from Linked-in titles.


Jared Tate


Where can you purchase Digibyte $DGB tokens?


Digibyte $DGB tokens are available to purchase on Easy Crypto (NZ Customers) Binance (top volumes to date)  currently.


How to protect your Digibyte $DGB tokens?


We recommend downloading an approved wallet from the Official Digibyte website otherwise we always recommend using a hardware wallet like  Ledger Nano S.

Latest Updates

Outlook for Digibyte?


Digibyte is an interesting undercover project with a blockchain that has been active and functioning for 4 years, a strong community and a fast-moving market advantage. Their open source design brings a whole world of possibilities to the development of the blockchain and it will be great to see them forward the movement in the decentralisation of worldwide digital asset management.




Digibyte youtube channel – Digibyte intro video

Digibyte Website – Digibyte Digital Asset  image, token supply chart, how is this secured quote.

Rich lists -Wealth Distribution chart


Disclaimer : The Author did not hold Digibyte ($DGB) at the time of writing this article. All content is research, opinions and personal view points from our Analysts. This is not financial advice and should not be treated as such. If you have any queries or edit requests please contact [email protected]


Summary and Score

Digibyte ($DGB)






Working Product







  • Long Working Product
  • High Market cap
  • Legally Compliant
  • Speed to market


  • Team Transparency
  • High level of competition

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