Centrality ($CENZZ) has created a decentralised platform, marketplace & accelerator, which also offers services and many other applications for businesses/start-ups to create, maintain & grow their project/dAPP/ business.

Centrality boasts a truly global team led by Aaron McDonald and with members from Auckland, Melbourne, London, and Singapore who had one of the most impressive funding rounds to date placed in the top 10 of all time in terms of capital acquired and time taken during the ICO phase.

The teams’ vision is to create a world where big technology giants do not own and control user data and power, security and reliability is handed back to the user.

Centrality fundamentally understands that the blockchain and the decentralised model is a natural step forward from the internet era, however, the barriers to entry and infancy of blockchain are still relevant and create many major issues for start-ups and new entrants.

Lets dive deep into Centrality and how they are looking to re-create the “Startup Life Cycle” with their platform and ecosystem.



TITLE/TICKER : Centrality / $CENNZ

COMPANY ORIGIN : New Zealand and a Global Community

PLATFORM : Centrality

FOUNDERS/LEADERS : Aaron Mcdonald, Jerry Yuan, Daniel Gillespie, Andy Higgs and Jerome Faury.

PURPOSE : Decentralised platform/marketplace/accelerator.

POINT OF DIFFERENCE : Easy onramp for projects, low costs, efficiencies, resourcing, and expertise.

MAJOR PARTNERS/NETWORK : Microsoft Azure, IBM, Singular DTV, Blockhaus + many more partnerships/verticals.





How does Centrality work?


Centrality, as stated above, is a decentralised marketplace consisting of independent DApps and in-house ideas. Centrality provides the modules/technical help and support for start-ups and growing businesses removing the barriers to entry/assisting with entry-level sustainability. Let’s take a deeper look as described by the Centrality team themselves;


Centrality aims to connect a network and a wide range of Decentralised Applications (DAPPS) and micro-services that a typical user could use daily without any user-experience issues or problems accross a range of industries and verticals.

Centrality not only provides an accelerator but also invests in the projects with a standard 20% stake in the company worth NZD $100,000 (paid in ETH). In return Centrality offers all the components needed to grow a technology company including office space, platform access, marketing, technical and general support.

Current DApps or projects on Centrality



  • Skoot (Travel Experience Marketplace)
  • Belong (Employee engagement platform)
  • UShare (Ridesharing)
  • Merge (Time management system)
  • FeedMi (DApp for restaurant orders)
  • SingularX (Cryptocurrency and Trading platform)
  • Blockhaus (Investment Banking platform)
  • PocketPOS (Point of sale, merchant sales)
  • Aimy (Machine Learning – Health)
  • City On (Smart-city platform)
  • PayCheck (HR/payment in crypto)
  • Trackback – (Supply-chain/logistics tracking and more)
  • Blockeeper (blockchain accounting)


What does the Centrality Token do/used for?


CENNZ is a utility token that can be used within the platform for tasks such as modules/applications/smart-contracts/air-drops etc. The CENNZ token has been implemented on the Ethereum network and is a ERC-20 token.


Centrality vs Competitors


Centrality is very unique in its model and the way it on board and works with projects. It acts as somewhat as a quality assurance model where there is criteria in order to develop and be part of the ecosystem. Centrality’s main competing models would be the BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) such as Stratis,


Centrality Team



Current Partnerships


Centrality has formed some notable partnerships including;


  • Singular DTV
  • Amazon Cloud (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM
  • Wanda Group
  • Blockhaus
  • epay
  • Cryptopia
  • Downer
  • Propello
  • Callaghan Innovation
  • Smart Associates
  • Qadre
  • Alert Taxi
  • NZME
  • QMS
  • Jucy
  • Avisvbudgetgroup
  • PerformanceLAB
  • Invista
  • Infinivision
  • Jasmy

Latest updates



Centrality in the Media


Is Centrality worth $110M?

Patrick Gower on Centrality’

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Where can you purchase Centrality Tokens?


Centrality $CENZZ is available to purchase on Easy Crypto (NZ Customers) and HITBTC (top volumes to date)  currently, we expect more exchanges to be announced in the short term.


How to protect & store your Centrality?


We recommend using an approved wallet from the official Centrality website (if available) otherwise we always recommend using a hardware cold storage wallet such as Ledger Nano S  or Trezor – where your private keys are never exposed online. Please refer to the Hardware wallet websites for an accepted, proven list of projects.


The outlook for Centrality?


Centrality AI is a unique project with very strong fundamentals including a very experienced and skilled global team (ex. Huawei, Deloitte, MTV & more) international investors and a model with real-world use cases and partners. Centrality also has done very well with their ICO funding stage being in the top 10 of all time in terms of revenue which will allow for growth and expansion.

Keep Centrality firmly on your watch-list as this project is one for the future.


Reach out if you have questions about Centrality AI or need help with any topic.


Disclaimer:  None of our Analysts are holding Centrality $CENNZ  at the time of writing this article. All content is research, opinions and personal view points from our Analysts. This is not financial advice and should not be treated as such. If you have any queries please contact [email protected]




Centrality Website

Centrality on Twitter

Centrality’s Whitepaper


Summary & Score

Centrality AI






Working Product







  • Strong values / trustworthy
  • Strong community
  • Great Team
  • Innovative
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