CPChain ($CPC) is a decentralised data infrastructure designed for commercial/large scaled IoT systems & the next generation internet.

CPChain is integrating Blockchain tech, IoT systems, encrypted storage, distributed data sharing & and a ‘distributed consensus protocol’ – all while introducing a new business model in a rigid industry to date.

CPChain, in a nutshell, is aiming to tackle the major flaws with current systems – security, speed, and efficiency.



TITLE : CPChain ($CPC)


PLATFORM : ERC20 (Ethereum)

FOUNDERS : Qingwei Shi, Dr. Chengnian Long, Dr. Bin Zhao

PURPOSE : Commercial IoT Solution

POINT OF DIFFERENCE : Strong Team and Partnerships.

MAJOR PARTNERS : Vechain, Qtum, Metaverse ETP, High Performance Blockchain


  • Founders, Developers & Consultants (25%)
  • International Community (9%)
  • Community/Governance (26%)
  • Private Equity Investment (20%)
  • Business Investment (20%)

WORKING PRODUCT ? : Live platform



How does CPChain work?


CPChain’s core feature is to facilitate the transfer of value across cyber-physical (CP) systems.  In order to achieve this goal – CPChain is developing a systematic scheme that looks to solve the problem of scalability which is the #1 IoT obstacle to date.

What makes CPChain unique in an already competitive IoT landscape? CPChain intends to feature – three major functions – including parallel distributed architecture, a double layer hybrid consensus mechanism and lastly a (lightweight) side-chain consensus protocol.


What Problems is CPChain looking to solve?


CPChain is looking  to solve the typical issues associated with IoT including;


1. High Costs


Current systems including data centers are heavily centralised and often dedicated to one or a few purposes/projects which creates a ‘bottleneck’ effect and leads to high costs and inefficiencies.


2. Non-inoperable


In addition to this Data Centres do not communicate with each other making the costs of interacting and sharing data costly and non-efficient.


3. Lack of Security/Privacy


As these centers and systems are heavily centralised, the risk of data leaks or privacy breaches are high and do occur.


4. Data Sovereignty


With CPChain and the Blockchain, data owners are now able to own their data and thus incentivising data sharing with greater efficiency – maximising the value and trust of the ecosystem.


CPChain’s potential use cases


Big Data and IoT expand into many industries and business functions. However there a handful of use-cases that CPChain seems to be looking at in particular which are that of Logistics & Travel, Drug Trace-ability, Personalised Insurance & Digital Assets as seen below from CPChains Whitepaper;



IoT’s ‘Billion Device Market’


One of the most interesting IoT use cases is the smart product case. For example, every gadget, device and home appliance is becoming ‘Smart Capable’ with devices all speaking and communicating with each other.


CPChain vs Competitors


There are a number of competitors in the IoT industry including the likes of IOTA (running on Tangle) who are jousting to become the major IoT market leader. However, CPChain operates in a Chinese market which could be looked at very independently – and a market which CPChain is thriving in.


CPChain Team



Current Partnerships/Investors


CPChain has a elite group of partners/investors including other major Chinese Projects such as;



Torque Capital Partners

Vechain ($VEN)

High Performance Blockchain ($HPB)

  Quantum ($QTUM)

  Metaverse ($ETP)


Latest CPChain updates



Where can you Purchase CPChain ($CPC) tokens?


CPchain tokens are available to purchase via Bibox & Binance (top volumes to date), we expect more exchanges to be announced in the short term – medium term.


How to protect & store your CPChain tokens?


CPchain tokens are ERC-20 compliant and can be stored on your Ledger Nano S.


Outlook for CPChain


CPchains future is bright with key fundamentals looking good including hitting roadmap goals, building a strong network e.g partners/team/community and a dedicated, hard-working team . CPchain is a project to keep track of if you love IoT projects and their very strong blockchain use-case.


Reach out if you have questions about CPChain or need help with any topic.


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CPChain Whitepaper


Disclaimer :  The Author was holding CPChain ($CPC) at the time of writing this article. All content is research, opinions and personal view points from our Analysts. This is not financial advice and should not be treated as such. If you have any queries or edit requests please contact [email protected]


Summary and Score

CPChain $CPC






Working Product







  • Strong Team/Community
  • Strong Partnerships


  • Product still in development
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