Trinity Protocol ($TNC) is a off-chain scaling protocol solution enables Blockchains to greatly increase their transactions per seconds and remove bloat and network congestion allowing to cater to the needs of todays world while not comprising user experience and privacy.

Trintity by design and vision will be looking to scale the NEO Blockchain initially, serving as NEO’s version of Bitcoins “lightning network”. 

Trinity Protocol is just another one of NEOs ecosystem pillars that is ready to take off in 2018 as Ethereum did in 2017.



TITLE : Trinity Protocol (TNC)


PLATFORM : ERC20 (Ethereum)


PURPOSE : Off-chain Scaling Solution for Blockchains

POINT OF DIFFERENCE : Innovative Technology, Partnerships


WEBSITE : Trinity Website

WHITE PAPER : Trinity Whitepaper


WORKING PRODUCT ? : Live platform




How does Trinity Protocol work?


In order for Trinity to offer off-chain scaling – Trinity’s layers and infrastructure are kept separate each serving DAPPs independently.


1. State Channels Layers (SCL)


The ‘State Channel Layer’ or SCL provides Trinity with basic P2P channel services. Transactions occur as parties involved allocate assets to the Blockchain as collaterol on Smart Contracts.

In laymen terms the SCL enables entities to execute instant transactions with no wait times, delays or network congestion allowing for a seamless user-experience.


2. Channel Network Layer (CNL)


The Channel network layer or CNL provides auotmatic routing for parties who do not have established state channels. All the state channels on the Trinity network correspond to a specific smart contract on the blockchain. This is because it is not simply possible or feasible for every user/party to have their own state channel.

Typical uses cases of this layer are – Dapps, Instant payments, network data collection and more as stated via the Trinity Whitepaper


3. Channel Service Layer (CSL)


What Problem(s) is Trinity Protocol looking to solve?


Trinity Protocol is looking to solve Blockchain Scaling problems. The current issue is that Blockchains are limited in terms of Transactions per Second and output and just are not capable of handling the output needed to succeed or compete vs traditional systems e.g VISA / Facebook

This is not ab-normal with the Blockchain space its is infancy with expected teething problems and obstacles to navigate to bring mass adoption.

Enter – Trinity Protocol, the off-chain scaling solution for NEO (NEP-5) Tokens.


Trinity Protocol vs Competitors


Trinity Protocol seems to be in a niche of its own in terms of its product and design, however there are a number of other projects competing via different routes to get to the same goal – blockchain scaling.

The most comparable competitor would be of that of Bitcoins Lightning Network & Ethereums Raiden network.


Trinity Protocol Team


The Trnity Protocol team is impressive.



What lies ahead for Trinity Protocol?


2018 is a monumental year for Trinity as the NEO ecosystem is truly kicking into swing with multiple projects going live including NEX Exchange, Switcheo Exchange and many more thus requiring Trinity to be in full effect in order to succeed.

Lets take a in-depth look at Trinity Protocols Roadmap in 2018;



Current Partnerships


Being part of the On-chain / NEO ecosystem provides a number of benefits and network efficiencies from the get-go.

Latest updates



Where can you Purchase Trinity Protocol (TNC) tokens?


Trinitiy Protocol tokens ($TNC) are available to purchase via Kucoin , , Bibox or direct from the Switcheo Exchange (top volumes to date)  currently, we expect more exchanges to be announced in the short term.


How to protect & store your Trinity Protocol (TNC) tokens?


Trinity Protocol tokens are Nep-5 compliant and can be stored Ledger Nano S via your NEON wallet  or any approved wallets.


Outlook for Trinity Protocol


The Trinity Protocol is a very interesting project to watch in the coming months – with the deployment of major NEO projects, the TNC protocol will have its hands full with off-chain scaling solutions accross the NEO ecosystem. Also the race is on to prove who can scale the fastest and bring this to market the first.

This race may determine who grabs the next portion of market-share from the Cryptosphere.


Reach out if you have questions about Trinity or need help with any topic.




Trinity’s Website

Trinity’s Whitepaper

Trinity on Medium

Trinity on Twitter


Disclaimer : The Author was not holding Trinity Protocol ($TNC) at the time of writing this article. All content is research, opinions and personal view points from our Analysts. This is not financial advice and should not be treated as such. If you have any queries or edit requests please contact [email protected]


Summary and Score

Trinity Protocol






Working Product





  • Strong Partners/Network
  • Skilled/Dedicated Team
  • Strong use-case


  • Early stages - Alot to prove/release
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