Conferences & Speaker Events

Speak with our team about your next event

Conferences and large group speaker events cater to large group settings where we can arrange guest speakers in the industry or have experts from our team join your next event.

What topics do you cover?

We can cater to a specific subject or area but our speciality & passion lies in the following areas;

  • The most current market information & insights about Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO’s and Altcoins
  • Tutorials and Setups e.g Wallet setup / Exchange accounts.
  • Security evaluation & how to stay safe/protected
  • Tax information
  • Business Disruption and implications
  • New opportunities for businesses & consumers

How long on average do you speak for?

We can cater to most time slots/periods – please inquire with the team.

What types of events do you speak at?

Common scenarios include;


  • Corporate Lunches/Learning sessions
  • SME’s events
  • Non-profit events
  • Education

Not sure? We’re here to help.