Defining Blockchain Education

Our Mission is simple – To help connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem and on-board the next generation.

This is achieved by the delivery of consistent news, research, analysis, education, industry-support and more – ready for a connected, fair, transparent world.

The Team

Hayden Hamilton-Walker

Hayden's background lies in International Business, Marketing, and Supply-chain management. Working in primary industries/healthcare for 7 years alongside operating a Manuka Honey Farm in New Zealand. 

Has a strong interest in geopolitics, industry research and blockchain applications/use-cases. 

Attended Massey University Auckland - (BBS)

Jesse Wilson

Jesses background lies with Management (teams of 20+) and organisational efficiencies primarily working in the construction sector for 8+ years, often involved with local council. 

He maintains multiple masternodes independently and his passions are firmly in the blockchain space, real-world implementation and the decentralisation of flawed models. 


Kyle Donegan

Kyle has vast experience as a Entrepreneur, Leader and Business Development/Strategic Planning expert who has worked with multiple industries including, CCTV, Wireless Systems, Industrial Coatings to and most recently VR, AI and Blockchain. 

Kyle has worked for Multi-national corporations (MNC's), his own enterprises, consulting/mentoring start-ups and has been heavily ingrained in the business landscape for over 15 years.

Kyle is also a valued member of Stasis Gaming (Blockchain Gaming Platform).


Nate George

Experienced Venture Analyst and Cryptocurrency fund manager - Nate George is an investor and trader with first-hand knowledge of the requirements for successful growth of new entries to the cryptocurrency space.

He has deep insight into tokenomics, economics, and life in the blockchain/crypto space that will be invaluable to Cryptolab and its community both short and long term.

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