KuCoin was launched on September 15, 2017, by a group of Blockchain enthusiasts with reputations at GF Securities, Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication, and iBOX PAY.

KuCoin uses data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, and other systems to guarantee transaction security. The KuCoin wallet includes multilayer encryption, offline storage in a bank safe, funds escrow, and regular auditing by the bank.

They have a great range of coin pairings and are well known for adding new pairings regularly.

The team at Kucoin are very user-focused having good support channels and even going as far as giving back 90% of trading fees to users in various ways. KuCoin also has a referral system which gives 40% of a user’s transaction fees to the member that referred them to the platform, incentivising growth by rewarding users for bringing people in.


Country of Origin:  Hong Kong

Ico:  Yes

Exchange Token: KCS

Centralised/Dex:  Centralised

Fees:  0.1% or 0.05% when using KCS for fees

Volume:  medium level – BTC/USDT   $1,395,460 or  4.54%

Fiat to Crypto:  No

Withdrawal limits:  No

Hacks: no

Trading pairs:  349


Top Pairs 13/6/2018


1. ETH/BTC         $1,573,420  5.12%

2. BTC/USDT      $1,395,460  4.54%

3. LALA/BTC       $1,280,540  4.17%

4. OPEN/ETH     $1,230,210 4.00%

5. DATX/ETH     $1,066,200  3.47%



Kucoin Team & Founders




Kucoin Fees


90% of the trading fees are returned users, leaving KuCoin only 10%. As 50% goes to users with KCS in their accounts as their Kucoin Bonus, the remaining 40% is shared via Invitation Bonus.



Data Security


KuCoin uses data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, and other systems to guarantee transaction security.

Amazon Web Services Cloud was used to build the private network framework that stores micro-withdrawal wallets. This allows the wallets to take advantage of that cloud’s multilayer firewall. Wallets also have multilayered encryption at an industry-level. Macro wallets are stored in banks.

All data handling, in general, are secured and encrypted with BANK LEVEL security.


Reward and growth incentive strategies


The team works on large-scale and long-term offline and online promotion and operations. Alongside the fee rewards those who register receive a bonus for inviting new users. The user who sends the invite receives a portion of the trading fees of the invitee. This is a roll on system and passes down which means every additional user that gets invited by someone from that first invitation the original user sent, the first user continuously will get a portion of every trade fee paid by everyone that he has (directly or indirectly) invited.



Fast/Efficient Order Processing


Million-Level Throughput for the Core Trading Engine: Peak order making value is 2 million+ per second with a peak order-processing value of 1 million+per second. This is far above anything currently required which means no lag or delay.


Speak to the Cryptolab team for more help regarding exchanges or any topic.





Kucoin Whitepaper

Kucoin Twitter


Summary & Score







Coin Selection





  • Wide range
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Promotions/Airdrops
  • Liquidity


  • Centralised
  • Lack of Fiat Pairings

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