Dash is the first cryptocurrency to implement masternodes into its protocol. It is the only  masternode (MN)  yet that is in the top 20 coins making it not only very sought after but also expensive – requiring 1000x Dash to run a masternode.


For a masternode beginners guide click HERE

For a full in depth masternode buyers guide click HERE

ROI (annual) –  7.10% / 5141 days

MASTERNODE WORTH – $266,805.00 / 40.67187 BTC


MARKETCAP-  $2,171,072,106.00 

VOLUME – $71,091,400 USD


GENESIS BLOCK – 1609d 19h 46m ago / Jan 19 2014 03:54:41

USE CASE – Currency






What Is The Purpose Of Dash Masternodes?


Dash masternodes primary function is to relay transnational information across the DASH network. They also carry out the anonymization of funds (PrivateSend), stop double-spending through instant lockdowns (InstantSend) and even Decentralized Governance funded by its own network enabling the DASH team to fund its own developement.


How do DASH masternodes work?


POW/POS Hybrid Model


Dash is both POW, proof of work (verified by miners) and POS proof of stake (verified by masternodes). The block rewards are as follows;


  • 45% to miners
  • 45% to masternodes
  • 10% to development grants




Masternode Roadmap?


Please see the Dash Github for the official an updated roadmap



What are the Dash Masternode Rewards? How much can I earn?


Below is a table of the block rewards per number of masternodes.



How do I get a DASH masternode?


Masternode setups require a certain level of knowledge, speak to our team about how we can help if you would like to setup a masternode.


This is the process (a intermediate level of skill is required) ;


  1. Purchase the 1000 DASH required for collateral
  2. Install DASH wallet
  3. Setup VPS
  4. Install MN on VPS
  5. Send collateral to MN address
  6. Create masternode

For a masternode beginners guide click HERE

For a full in depth masternode buyers guide click HERE

(Click HERE to reach out to the Masternode team for help)

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