Google Titan Security Key


A phishing-resistant, physical, two-factor authentication device that implements FIDO standards using cryptography to verify user’s identity at login.

A single device designed to be used to authenticate to multiple different accounts and services quickly and safely.



What is a security key?


A security key is a 2FA device that adds another step to the account sign-in process. To gain access to your account a hacker would need to acquire both your password and your physical key. A feat very unlikely to occur should you use the correct precautions. Titan Security Keys work with most browsers and services that support FIDO standards.

Many security conscious users users have 2FA services in action in the form of an authentication app or an SMS/email message that sends a code which must be verified to access an account. This type of 2FA is great however codes sent over the internet are not full proof and can be intercepted.




SUPPORTED SERVICES : Browsers and services that support FIDO

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Included Items


1x USB Key

USB_NFC Titan Key

1x Bluetooth Key


1x Bluetooth key connecting cable (Micro-USB)

Micro USB Cable

1x USB-A to USB-C adapter

USB-A to USB-C Adapter


Titan Security Key Compatibility


Compatible browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

Android devices

Android 5.0 or higher and with the latest version of Google Play Services installed.

Apple Devices

iPhones & iPads with the latest version of the Google Smart Lock app installed.

Other compatible services

As well as Google and Google Cloud, Titan Security Keys can be used on many other sites that support FIDO standards.



How do I store my keys and keep them safe?


As there are two devices included for the unlocking process, one should be stored somewhere hidden (safe or secure location), the idea being if you lose one, you can use the other to access your accounts while you’re waiting to replace the lost key.

The trade off being if you misplaced the USB key that unlocks your accounts and the Bluetooth key is hidden away it is a slight inconvenience, however it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.



Ok, Where can I buy one?


Titan Security Keys are available on the Google Store (when not sold out).


Titan Security Key


User Friendly




Working Product


Device Compatibility



  • Never hacked
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted Team
  • Secure


  • Not enough supply
  • Can be lost

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