Video Consulting

Live session from where-ever you want to be.

Video Consultations are a efficient way to cover the topics and setups you want from your own location, we cover from absolute entry level to experienced/advanced levels of learning.

How do Video Consults work?

Learn from anywhere, anytime with only a Computer/Smart-phone and a Internet Connection via a Video Call/Consultation. Your personal Education Manager will guide you through any topics of your choice or we can define the goals and agenda to your level/needs.

What software or requirements are there?

We only require a Smart-phone/Computer and a Internet Connection – Skype is our preferred tool.

How long do Video Consults typically take?

The time length is up to you, however 1 hour is our minimum as this is needed to cover any topics in quality. Speak to the team if your not sure about timing or what you need.

What are the most popular topics to cover?

Common topics;

  1. Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency – safe/best/cheapest methods.
  2. How to setup/store your chosen wallet or hardware
  3. Trading Basics
  4. Initial Coin Offering Basics/Analysis/Guide
  5. Market Analysis and Ecosystem review (‘State of the market’)
  6. Tools/Apps
  7. Specific Project or Technology discussion

Extra value or perks?

As an extra bonus, we offer post-support and further opportunities to advance your crypto career.

  • Free access to the Cryptolab Telegram/Discord VIP groups
  • Free Monthly Analysis and Weekly guides first

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