A cryptocurrency hardware wallet such as a Ledger should be any investor’s first purchase. If you are willing to spend your hard earned money on projects, then a hardware wallet is for you. With the increasing threats including, malware, phishing, scams and more – a hardware wallet is paramount.









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What is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet?


Cryptocurrency Hardware wallets are classed as  ‘offline storage’  that stores your private keys offline and never exposed online. Your keys are stored on the device with a back-up multi word phrase and a pin code. Web wallets or desktop wallets require users to store a wallet file or key somewhere which can usually be easily accessible or has already been exposed online at some stage. A offline storage option such as a hardware wallet is your safest option.


What problems is a hardware wallet solving?


Safety and security of your coins and assets is the number one priority for any investor and trader. The world of Cryptocurrency wallets for the first time user or even for an experienced campaigner can be obscure and not often easy to use with the constant risk of flaws or hacks.  Luckily the team at Ledger are leading the charge in asset security – solving the major problems to date, which are;


1. Lack of safe, trusted wallets

2. Non-user friendly/hard to use

3. Accept very few currencies 

4. No longstanding brands or credibility to evaluate on.


Why a Ledger wallet? What are the benefits?


Ledger is a leader in the hardware wallet market- with a clean track record and frequent updates, releases and improved easy to use devices, Ledger is not going anywhere.

What’s in the box?


Your Ledger will arrived celophane sealed – the Ledger unlike the Trezor does not come with a specific security seal included, please note. The reason why Ledger does this as because their devices have an anti-tamper mechanism which will respond if the device has been changed from its original condition.


Inside contains the following:


  • Ledger
  • USB Cable
  • Key Chain
  • Lanyard
  • Instruction Card
  • Recovery Card


Ledger wallet Competitors?


Ledger’s main competitor is Trezor. Trezor has also had a great track record and is a suitable cryptocurrency hardware option. Click here to see a review on Trezor


How do I setup and keep my assets/coins safe?


A Ledger wallet is very easy to setup – check out the official guide below;



Can I import my wallets?


Importing existing wallets is easy…



Integration with My Ether Wallet


Accessing ERC20 tokens is easy with a Ledger wallet. Simply access your Ledger via My Ether Wallets hardware login feature and access any one of your multiple Ethereum wallets, these are re-usable.

To access your tokens select the drop-down list once logged in.


Integration with NEO’s NEON wallet


Accessing your NEO or Nep-5 tokens could not be easier or safer. Simply plug in your ledger – access NEO and login via NEON’s ledger login portal and your done.

What happens if my Ledger wallet is broken, lost, damaged or stolen?


When you setup your Ledger you will be required to record and write down a multiple word phrase (24 word) which is your security/backup incase you loose or damage your ledger. A pincode is also assigned to your ledger for extra security.


How do I purchase a Ledger wallet? What are the risks when purchasing?


VERY IMPORTANT! Please only purchase any cryptocurrency hardware wallets direct from the manufacturer or a approved re-seller. Ebay or re-seller markets are dangerous and please do not use this option as back-up keys can be recorded and resold as “never opened” and once your funds are loaded, they can be accessed and removed forever.


Ledger wallet team


Ledger was launched in 2014 by eight experts with complementary backgrounds in embedded security, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship, united around the idea of creating secure solutions for blockchain applications, when this market was still in its infancy.

Latest updates


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Purchasing a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is a no brainer. If you are serious about securing your funds and future – do yourself a huge favour and rest easy with a Ledger. If you have any questions or problems, reach out and we’ll help.


Summary and Score

Ledger Hardware Wallet






Coin Selection




Regular updates



  • Easy to use
  • Secure/Most trusted
  • Innovative


  • Needs to expand supported assets
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